I love the glass and the mirrors you all installed in my home- they look awesome!  Jason and his partner were professional in every way. Customer service from Kentucky Mirror and Plate Glass is excellent! As we say in the Navy to congratulate someone for a job well done, "Bravo Zulu." Thanks again!

Karl D., Residential Customer ,

KMPG has been a customer of YKK AP America for 15 years. Their company is a professional organization with proficient management and highly skilled installers who have fabricated and installed YKK AP products on many projects ranging from a simple door and frame installation to large monumental projects such as Louisville Cardinal football stadium and Churchill Downs. I highly recommend them as a first rate quality installer.


YKK AP America,

A car crashed into my business in the middle of the night, and Kentucky Mirror + Plate Glass came to my rescue. They not only cleaned up a giant mess, but they also stayed and secured my shop by putting plywood up- beyond the call of duty.


Mr. Transmission Auto Repair Shop,

After using Kentucky Mirror + Plate Glass for many years, I moved to a small startup company and had problems, never feeling that sense of satisfaction that KMPG provided to myself and my clients. I apologize for ever going somewhere else all while paying more for a product that never met up to the standards that you all set. Kentucky Mirror will always be my first choice from here on out.


Foster Brothers Construction,